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Warehouse Space - 30th March 2011

It can be difficult for any business with storage needs to find suitable warehouse space on reasonable terms at a sensible cost, although there are many commercial units on the market most come with very long tie-in periods and terms that can be off putting to many business owners.

The restrictions that come with buying or renting a standard commercial unit are made worse if the business has changing stock levels that mean the amount of storage space could change on a regular basis resulting in a need for more or less warehouse space at short notice.

When renting a commercial property there are very few units that will allow an increase or reduction in space, when buying a commercial property the only way of increasing the space is to purchase more and space reduction is almost impossible without selling up.

This can be a real headache for anyone who needs a flexible storage solution that can allow warehouse space to be increased or reduced as and when necessary.

The solution for many business owners is offered by Web Warehouse who provide warehouse space across the UK on highly flexible terms, anyone renting warehouse space through Web Warehouse has the option of increasing or reducing the amount of space as and when their business changes and the need arises.

As well as providing warehouse space on highly flexible terms Web Warehouse can also offer storage solutions for:

Pallet Storage

Chilled Storage

Hazardous Storage

Archived Files & Documents

Ambient Storage

Equipment Storage

And much, much more

For information and advice about renting UK warehouse space contact the team at Web Warehouse on 0845 603 8883.